veteran Horses

 “Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged. Fear your God. I am the LORD.” (Leviticus 19:32, NLT)

Our “Veteran Horses” are those who have given their lives—for years—to faithfully serve the children who come to Crystal Peaks. These aging equines often require special care and attention. Each horse within our Veteran herd is assigned an individual who is commissioned and committed to oversee their daily needs. We often include children in this process. By doing so, the kids have an opportunity to give back to the beloved horses who have given so much to them. Also, by investing in the care of horses who’ve spent their lives in support of ministry, the young volunteers learn how to lovingly honor and respect the elderly. The special compassion given to our aging equine warriors is a small way to thank them for their service—and honor God’s precious gift to us through their lives.

This amazing little mare came to the Ranch as a blessing in disguise. Our program was in great need of another solid lesson horse to accommodate the great number of those coming to Crystal Peaks . One late afternoon, a truck and trailer chugged up the Ranch driveway and spun around in the main yard. … Continue reading “Cassidy”

In 2001, the Ranch rescued what is, to date, the most rare horse in its history. The owner of an eight-month old Arabian stud colt called and asked for our help. The young colt kept escaping his dilapidated pens and had been seriously injured in the process. First aid attempts were complicated by the fact … Continue reading “Halo”

Kim writes of Hero’s acquisition: On October eighteenth, Troy and I were contacted concerning the recovery and adoption of a small horse found wandering in the high wilderness of the Cascade Mountains.  Evident by his halter and dragging lead rope, the bay Arab gelding was clearly not wild.  Instead, while he was being transported to Bend Equine … Continue reading “Hero”

A wounded, bay quarter horse was surrendered to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department due to unimaginable injury.  Before his surrender, the colt lived in a tiny, barbwire enclosure and attempted to escape, but became entrapped in the sharp wire.  The young horse shredded his neck in the struggle and impacted the top of his hindquarters … Continue reading “Honor”

It was the winter of 2002. The Millican horse recovery would become the largest equine rescue in Oregon State history. Walking through unparalleled carnage, my eyes tried to take in what my mind never thought was possible. Evidence of the dead lay scattered in a tangle of dry bones at my feet. Numbness seized my … Continue reading “Phoebe”