Requirements for Participation

Requirements for Participation

The only true requirement needed is that the child wants to come to the Ranch. This indicates an open heart that is seeking healing and wholeness.

Our session program is available for kids ages 6-18. Occasional exceptions are made based on specific circumstances. Crystal Peaks understands that every child deals with their own set of unique challenges. Because of this, our session leaders listen to the Holy Spirit and follow Him toward meeting the individual needs of every child for every session.

Crystal Peaks is not a residential facility. The majority of those in our program live within driving distance to the Ranch. Although, we do serve families that travel from out of state and even out of country. Prior preparation and off-ranch housing is necessary for these long distance families to participate in our session program.

If you are a “long distance family” and would like to participate, please inform us of your travel plans at least 45 days in advance so we can schedule a session for the appropriate month (i.e. Submit a request in June if visiting in July). For guests who come from out-of-town without prior reservations, if session space is available, some visitors might be worked into our schedule. Although we cannot guarantee that session space will be available.

If coming to Central Oregon is not an option for your family, please go to our Similar Ministry Page to locate a ranch ministry closer to your home.

Each month there is a finite number of sessions available at Crystal Peaks. This drives us to do our best to accommodate as many kids as possible. Participants who are not able to receive a session are encouraged to try again the following month—and—come and serve others through volunteering at the Ranch.

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” (Act 20:35)

We often see as much healing and redemption through those who come to give—as we do in those who come to take part in sessions.

For more information about our scheduling process, please see the Scheduling Sessions page. 

In order to participate in any Ranch activities, we require that ​each child​ on the property ​have a current release form signed by t​heir legal guardian.​ To fill out our electronic release form, click here. 


For safety, we require that anyone participating with horses must:

  • Wear shoes or boots with closed toes and closed heels. It is recommended that shoes or boots have little or no tread and a heel. We usually have extras on hand, so let us know if your kids do not have this type of footwear.
  • Wear long pants for riding.
  • Shirts need to be long enough to not expose the midriff.
  • Riding helmets are required and provided. All necessary tack is also provided. 

It is recommended for all families and participants to:

  • Bring your own water bottles and sunscreen.
  • Wear layered clothing for ever-changing weather.
  • Wear shoes or boots with closed toes

If you have specific questions about our clothing and equipment requirements, please feel free to call our office at (541) 330-0123. If any clothing/equipment issues arise when families arrive for a session, we will do our best to resolve them on site or reschedule for another time.