Ways to Support Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch


Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch experienced its humble beginnings in 1995 when Troy and Kim Meeder chose to pour their lives into an idea. They freely gave their time, finances, property and many long days of backbreaking work to help this ranch get on its feet. Never asking for anything in return, their volunteer heart is the reason Crystal Peaks exists today.

The first children who were ministered to at the Ranch came as volunteers. They were not coming for what they could get, as the horses were in such terrible shape they couldn’t be ridden. They were coming to give. It was within the selfless and beautiful relationships between broken children and broken horses that we witnessed our first miracles here.

Love in Action

The volunteer program at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is at the very heart of what we do. Every act of service here embodies the spirit of Christ: love in action. By giving the gift of their time, our volunteers free up the staff to pour into the children and families we serve. The generosity of our volunteers has far greater implications than the obvious completion of ranch tasks. Their acts of love trickle down to shower the kids who visit here with the very love of Christ. 

Sponsor a Horse

The majority of our horses come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect and are at the very core of what we do here at Crystal Peaks. These equines – once broken – lost and hurting, are now doted on by children who have been through many similar circumstances. The experiences of the horses give them the ability to reach out to kids in a unique way, making them what we call “equine counselors.”

For the many equines who call this place home, Crystal Peaks offers a safe haven, a gentle hand and a life purpose. Our training and riding methods are based on the theories of natural horsemanship, which utilize quietness and patience to communicate with horses in their own language. It is our aim to develop trusting relationships with these magnificent creatures.

At the Ranch, each horse fills a special role within their family unit while also serving in ministry with their unique nature and gifting.

Join Our Prayer Team

Truly, the greatest gift that anyone can give… is simply to pray for us. Prayer costs us nothing but a few moments of our time; it is something that everyone can give, and it is unquestionably one of the most powerful things that we can do for each other.