Local Youth Organization Partners

Local Youth Organization Partners

The Crystal Peaks referral organizations serve the local community through a variety of valuable methods. It has been our honor to help them by supporting those they serve through our session program, shared resources and prayer.

Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth (C.O.P.Y.)

(541) 388-6651

[email protected]  |  (541) 388-6651

The C.O.P.Y Program is managed and funded through the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office. C.O.P.Y serves children with one or more incarcerated parents. Children with incarcerated parents or caregivers face greater risks, barriers, and challenges than those fortunate enough to live in stable family environments. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office created the Central Oregon Partnership for Youth program to provide support and assistance to the children of inmates, giving them a more support and opportunity to succeed. 

KIDS Center

(541) 383-5958

[email protected]  |  (541) 383-5958

Kids Intervention and Diagnostic Service (KIDS) Center is a non-profit, medical model child abuse intervention organization that provides child abuse evaluations.  The evaluation includes a head-to-toe medical exam, child-friendly forensic interview and connection to family support services. Founded in 1994, KIDS Center works together with law enforcement, medical providers, and social service agencies to create a supportive response to all forms of child abuse through a multi-disciplinary team approach. 

Circle of Friends

(541) 588-6445

[email protected]  |  (541) 588-6445

Circle of Friends provides at-risk children with a loving, caring and sustained relationship with an adult mentor. This organization is designed to have adult mentors befriend at-risk children in early developmental stages and help them create long-term successful relationship in their lives as they grow up. By spending consistent time together, they seek to help their children develop life and social skills, and succeed academically.

Healthy Families of the High Desert

(541) 749-2133

[email protected]  |  (541) 749-2133

Healthy Families of the High Desert is an Oregon Healthy Start Program. It is a voluntary home visiting program that assists families in giving their newborn children a “healthy start” in life. The program offers weekly intensive home visits for first birth, high-need families and a one-time welcome home visit to all families with newborns. Their goal is to help families create a nurturing home environment and make informed parenting choices that contribute to excellent family health and wellness.