Our Four Pillars

Our Four Pillars


Since 1995, Crystal Peaks has been involved in the rescue of more than 350 horses. Because the Ranch was founded in-part as an equine rehabilitation facility, most of our horse arrive devastated by the effects of neglect, starvation and violent abuse. Children rally with the staff in creating a devoted team of support for the weak and battered equine. Together, encircled in the loving embrace of a leader, the wounded hearts of both child and horse can find healing.

Currently, the 105-acre Ranch supports between 25 to 35 resident horses.

Since many of our horses are themselves survivors of abuse and neglect, they are uniquely equipped to work with children who are also enduring hardship. Fortified with the will of a survivor and the heart of a victor, our horses lead children by their own example to keep moving through their troubled times toward hope.


Every child that comes to Crystal Peaks is vastly unique. We choose to work with our youngsters independently by pairing one rider with one horse and one leader.

Each private session is designed to be flexible, meeting every child’s distinctive needs. A wide variety of fun and creative methods are woven through all the sessions. During this time, the leader seeks opportunities to nurture the child, sharing in their private tears and cheering their personal victories.

All of this is done for children ages 6 – 18 … completely free of charge.

Though the ranch exists primarily to serve the broken, we’ve seen great benefit in healthy kids riding and playing with hurting kids. Each gives balance to the other and both discover that—no matter what their background—they all have something to learn, someone to love and something to give.


No matter how challenging life becomes, all burdens are easier to shoulder when the family unit is loving and strong. Crystal Peaks is dedicated to the endeavor of bringing families back together.

In a dynamic variety of ways, it is our hope to provide opportunities for the entire family to become involved together. In this manner, experiences are shared that strengthen the resilient threads of a strong knit family. This process can be as simple as encouraging parents to stay and watch their children ride, cheering for their victories.

Organized events for the family shift from season to season. Throughout the year, there are numerous, fun events for parents and kids to partake in.

At Crystal Peaks, we understand that when the family weakens, all within it are diminished. But when the family is given a chance to come together and play, laugh, share and pray . . . hope, healing, love and wholeness soon follow.


Crystal Peaks has learned that it is good to give a man a fish, it’s great to teach him how to fish—but it’s far greater to lead men and women to place their fish into the hands of Jesus Christ and watch Him feed the masses.

Since 2005, Crystal Peaks has hosted Information Clinics, now called Ignition, for those who have a similar heart to speak hope into the lives of kids and families. This event is designed to assist others who are passionate to start a similar ranch or ministry. Our clinic attendees have started over 200 new ranch ministries across the United States and worldwide.

Since 2012, Crystal Peaks has also hosted Ministry Conferences to further support and train those who’ve previously attended our Ignition. We have felt led to further redefine the purpose and content of gathering and are creating more of a retreat atmosphere for the 2021 Ministry Conference, now called Inferno. This event is set apart for leaders desiring to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Registration for this ​event is by invitation only and is reserved for ministries that are actively serving their community and have completed the CPYR Similar Ministry Application process. 

In an effort to additionally support similar ministries, Crystal Peaks offers continued consulting, encouragement and speaking events. “Loaves and Fishes” can happen anywhere, and we’re always honored to share the hope of Christ.