Similar Ministries Finder

Similar Ministries Finder

Many similar ministries have opened their doors to children in need since the founding of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in 1995. Every year we are contacted by folks who have a heart to create a similar program. In an effort to partner with those who have established a similar ministry, and to assist those who desire to locate a similar ministry in a particular area, we have created a state-by-state and international search option.

All of the similar ministries and organizations listed with us are organized in the map below. To search within the US, click on a state and then select a county. If you would like to search by country, click on the international option. You may also find programs that serve children and horses in your area by searching the Internet, asking around at local horse events or contacting local churches.

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, its staff, board of directors and founders in no way have direct oversight over the operational culture of the the following list of organizations. We have, through Information Clinics, now called IGNITION, and/or consultation, offered assistance to each but are not responsible for their facilities, programming and/or rescue operations. Please evaluate each as a separate ministry/entity for use either as a visitor, participant, volunteer and/or donor.

Please Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, it may be difficult to select some of the states below. For the best map experience consider using a different browser, like Firefox. If you need further assistance in finding a Similar Ministry in your area, you are welcome to give us a call at (541) 330-0123. 

Interactive Map

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