Session Components

Session Components

The overall purpose of our session program is to gently love and encourage children toward the hope of Jesus. This process takes on as many unique, fun and beautiful forms as there are unique, fun and beautiful kids. Every session is an individual experience for the child. As the leader listens to the Holy Spirit and follows Him into the heart of each conversation, the result is equally unique, fun and beautiful. 

Each session will generally include: 

Purposeful Conversation
Session leaders practice “Pray-Listen-Do.” By asking the One who knows the child best and what they need in the moment, they listen for His answer and then walk out His loving best for the child in their care. By asking thought-provoking questions and listening for honest answers, a safe place is created for the kids to talk about their life, ask questions, release their pain and experience the healing love of God.

Every child/leader pair will complete a 15-minute volunteer task at the beginning of the session. In part, this time is designed to teach the importance of serving others by giving through the work of your own hands. Often this opportunity empowers children to experience how their efforts can make a loving difference for those around them. This time also helps leaders understand the current challenges the child might be facing and gain valuable perspective for how to proceed in their time together.

For most kids, the world is becoming increasingly sedentary. Depression, oppression, anxiety and fear are all highly linked to lack of movement. With the awareness that the human body was meant to move at least five miles a day, we offer opportunities for kids to simply be kids and physically play. Whether through a rousing game of Kick-the-can, running hide and seek, racing up the back hill, Redneck golf, whiffle ball, noodle jousting or running to power the Ranch swing, we highly encourage our kids to have the chance to move and play.

Working with a Horse
Most of the children who come to Crystal Peaks are drawn to the Ranch because of the horses. Since few have prior horse experience and to ensure safety for both the kids and horses, everyone starts with the basics of learning how to correctly approach, halter, handle, groom, tack up, round pen, ride, and serve their horse well. As always, each session will be guided toward what the child and horse need on any given day. Our sessions can range from simply touching a horse for the first time to advanced riding skills, or helping with veterinary care.

All activities with horses are not “performance” based, but rather focus on developing a kind relationship of clear communication between horse and rider.

The Ranch woodshop is another means to encourage imagination and creativity in kids as they consider a project to build and then watch it come to life. Many kids enjoy time in the shop making a gift for a parent, grandparent, sibling or loved one.

Arts and Crafts
For those who are more artistically inclined, the Ranch has assembled some wonderful arts and crafts for children and leaders to use. Kids are welcome to paint on canvas or paper, draw, color or make jewelry that is symbolic of their—or a loved one’s—journey of hope.

Gardening is an ever-increasing valuable skill offered at the Ranch. The ability, expertise and awareness to grow food is truly a gift that not only gives to the gardener—but also to those in need around them.

Sessions can include any of the above components or something entirely unique. By following the Lord of love, the leader determines the best course of action for each child every time they are together. Our highest hope is for the heart of every child to be encouraged forward—in their own unique and beautiful way—toward knowing the hope, peace, love, joy, laughter, freedom and complete redemption of Jesus.