Bay, Mare | DOB: 1991 | ARRIVAL: 01/07/2005 | 14:1 Hands HANDS

This amazing little mare came to the Ranch as a blessing in disguise. Our program was in great need of another solid lesson horse to accommodate the great number of those coming to Crystal Peaks . One late afternoon, a truck and trailer chugged up the Ranch driveway and spun around in the main yard. The driver had heard of our ranch and on a whim, loaded up small Arabian mare. Without turning off his truck engine, he described her as being a horrible horse, spooky, anxious and uncertain. Kim peered into the trailer to see the tiny horse trembling in fear. No more convincing was needed. In moments, the terrified mare was unloaded into her new home and new life. The truck and trailer left as quickly as they arrived, without a backward glance. Kim recounts, “She shook for three full days. Sweet little girl, who knows what she has endured? Once the trembling stopped, we started to invite her into our life of loving children well.” Although her demeanor initially spoke of insecurity, her eyes reflected a quiet calm. The constant inquisitive movement of her ears and lots of blinking spoke of her looking for the right answer. While in need of some work, the diminutive mare was clearly full of “try.”

Since that first day, Cassidy has grown into a solid, quiet, reliable lesson horse that everyone enjoys riding. It has been inspiring to watch this once unsure, petite horse develop into a strong, dependable and consistent part of our Ranch riding program. She is a love. Many children every week declare, "Out of all the horses here at the Ranch—Cassidy—is my absolute favorite."

Every day we see Cassidy live out the truth of Isaiah 41:10, “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my  righteous right hand.”

When we truly know who we are being held by—fear cannot hold us.

 “Cassidy is my favorite horse. She’s easy to connect to because she listens to me. She has taught me to step up and be a leader.”  - Drake, age 15