Draft Cross

Palomino, Gelding | DOB: ​2000 | ARRIVAL: 09/11/2015 | 1​4:3 Hands HANDS

Silas came to Crystal Peaks in the fall of 2015. His acquisition was unique because he was not a battered or neglected horse. His owner was experiencing personal crisis and needed financial assistance toward providing a safe home for her infant son. This beautiful golden gelding was purchased to help a human in need and to bring a new solid children’s horse into our session program.

We do not know much about Silas except that he was born on a PMU farm where his future was at risk.  Silas was eventually rescued by a long-time friend of Crystal Peaks. He was so kind-hearted and quiet that he entered our children’s riding program upon his arrival. Since his arrival, we have seen him drawn to people in a unique way. As soon as visitors enter the paddock, Silas is one of the first to willingly approach. With ears forward in bright curiosity, he often reaches for the halter with his muzzle, letting us know he is ready for another adventure. The combination of his natural sensitivity, the sturdy build of his draft-cross heritage and his easy-going gaits make Silas the perfect fit for a program like ours.

His attitude and experience is an incredible testament to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. As a PMU infant, the by-product of consumer demand for hormone replacement products, Silas has matured into a loving and faithful friend. We love his heart and his obvious desire to pursue and lead kids through their fears and into wholeness and freedom.

“I love Silas’ ability to be both gentle and kind while also making me use confidence to guide him, as he likes to test boundaries.” Josie, age 17​