Black, Mare | DOB: 2002 | ARRIVAL: 01/07/2017 | 15:1 Hands HANDS

A tall, elegant black Hanovarian, Ojava has a deep legacy here at Crystal Peaks. Born on the ranch property, her mother served as one of the original four foundation horses of what has become our current session program. As a filly, Ojava's fine breeding provided the ranch a unique opportunity of support - she was sold to a loving home and the funds went directly to serving horses and families in need. When Troy received a call thirteen years later, asking if the ranch would like to have her back, he immediately made plans to welcome this girl home.

Surrounded by her family, Ojava was welcomed home by her half-sister, Eclipse, and—soon to be born little nephew—baby Valor. Her stunning beauty catches the eye of many children and visitors, who often ask about the "tall black horse." In response, we share her incredible story and life of redemption.

Ojava's unique history mirrors so well the heart of our heavenly Father. Like this horse, His desire is to call each of His children home . . . back into His loving arms.​