Arabian / Thoroughbred / Fox Trotter

Bay, Gelding | DOB: 12/062006 | ARRIVAL: 12/06/2006 | 15:3 Hands HANDS

In 1995, Kim witnessed a four-year-old mare being beaten so badly that a vet was needed to sew up her face. After six months of vowing to make a difference for her, she was finally able to bring the battered mare home. Ele not only became the figurehead for future horses to be rescued by Crystal Peaks, but she also became one of Kim’s dearest and truest friends.

Eleven years later, under a brilliant full moon, Kim stood by as sweet Ele gave birth to a spectacular bay colt. After much private contemplation, she chose to name him “Covey.” When asked about the significance of this unusual name, Kim shared what was silently growing inside her heart. "Since his birth, I have not yet been able to look at him without knowing something very special. He is my four-legged reminder of how deeply the Lord loves me... he is my Covenant."

Since his birth, Covenant has grown into an extraordinary horse. Although he is simple in appearance, bay with a lovely blaze, it is his temperament that sets him apart. He is gentle, kind, curious, thoughtful, compassionate and trusting. Covey has transformed into a strong, steady leader on the Ranch. As Kim says often, "His name means so much more to me now than after his birth. This horse makes me laugh, he makes me think, he makes me try harder and, most of all, he reminds me of how extraordinarily blessed I am. Simply to have this kind soul in my life is so much more than I deserve."

On the Ranch, Kim is Covenant's only rider. Together, they have explored many a wilderness, found dozens of mule deer antlers, anchored the Ranch’s annual horse pack trips and are learning the power of prayer. Kim says with a laugh, "When I grow up, I want to reflect my Savior as well as my horse does!"

Fun fact: Covenant was deemed by legendary horseman Richard Shrake as one of the top four finest horses he has ever tested.

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