Quarter Horse

Leopard Appaloosa, Gelding | DOB: 2000 | ARRIVAL: 01/03/2005 | 13:2 Hands HANDS

From the first moment Troy saw him, he knew that “Buckshot” had to be his name. Kim met Buckshot after a friend had purchased him at a local auction as a six-month-old. It was at that time she offered to buy him, but he was not for sale. Several years later the same friend called and inquired, "Are you still interested in my beautiful spotted boy?" Kim's answer was a quick visit to her friend's house . . . with the horse trailer in tow.

Not surprisingly, Buckshot quickly turned into a favorite horse on the Ranch. His personality is steady, animated and willing. Buckshot also shows great aptitude as a trail, mountain, parade and pack horse. True to his heritage as an appaloosa, Buckshot is solid. No matter the circumstance, Buckshot has proven himself a powerful example of trust and friendship. He is not only fun to ride, but he is pretty fun to look at as well!

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“Bucky (Buckshot) is my favorite horse because he is like a good friend.” - Zach, age 8