Donor Privacy Policy

Donor Privacy Policy

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is a non-profit organization committed to providing a safe and positive experience for children and families to learn about the saving hope of Jesus Christ in an authentic western environment. All donations given on behalf of CPYR are used to further the mission and follow the policies and procedures outlined below. 

Donor Privacy Policy

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch will not publish, post, distribute, share or sell, any personal information regarding donors to any outside individual or business. This includes descriptions of any donation. Exceptions shall be those required by law, requested in grant applications or in connection with bank credit or debit card transactions that may be made without prior knowledge or consent of the donor.

With the donors written permission CPYR will make acknowledgements by name and/or description of donation in certain printed material. These materials may include newsletters, brochures, press releases, blog posts, event invitations, programs or the organization’s website.  A donor wishing to view samples of these publications may do so by contacting CPYR via email or phone. 

Donors who supply CPYR with their postal or email address may be contacted periodically with information regarding CPYR updates and upcoming events. All donors will be placed on a “quarterly” newsletter mailing list. Donors may request to be permanently removed from CPYR’s mailing list by contacting CPYR. All requests to be removed from CPYR’s mailing list will be honored. Donors who supply CPYR with their telephone number will only be contacted regarding donations they have made or to update contact information.

CPYR will not participate in telephone fundraising activities.

Upon receipt, all monetary donations will be recorded and deposited according to accounting procedures. All donor-designated restrictions will be honored and governed appropriately. All requests for donors to remain anonymous will be honored. All ‘in-kind’ gifts that are accepted by CPYR will be recorded and acknowledged according to accounting procedures. 

All donations will be acknowledged and a written thank you sent every 6 months. Thank you cards will be written by CPYR employees, children, volunteers and/or families. CPYR will not share the donation amount with children, volunteers and/or families who are sending acknowledgements. 

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and contributions made to CPYR are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Written tax receipts will be issued for all donations. CPYR sends annual donation receipts, unless otherwise specified. CPYR will provide its donors with quarterly written documentation of all tax deductible gifts received.