Shawn Clark

Board President

HOMETOWN: Newport Beach, CA

Following graduation from Auburn University, I began my career as a Veterinarian in Central Oregon in 1993.  Soon thereafter, I was introduced to Troy and Kim following evaluations of some of the first rescued horses they cared for.  Veterinary medicine has the unique opportunity to bring animals and people together and provide for a place of common ground to develop relationships.  During those early meetings in the treatment room of our practice, Troy and Kim began to share their vision for the ministry of Crystal Peaks.  Our hearts were aligned and soon after they asked if I would be willing to participate on the board.  

It has been my privilege to help provide a solid foundation for the care and management of the animals at the ranch.  The Ranch is a special place.  Everytime that I walk into its premise, the Spirit of the Lord is immediately palpable.  What a blessing it is to share in the fellowship of our Lord Jesus as we gather to fellowship, mentor and care for people, children and animals that we have under our care.