Direct Support

Direct Support

Many individuals from all over the United States, Canada and abroad have contacted Crystal Peaks to ask one simple question: “How can I help?” It’s an honor to have people desire to support this ministry. We’re humbled by the fact that many might never even stepped foot on this Ranch, but wish to help shoulder with it nonetheless.

Truly, the greatest gift that anyone can give . . . is to pray for us.

Prayer costs nothing more than a few moments of time and it’s something that everyone can give. It is unquestionably one of the most powerful things that we can do for each other.

If you would like to join our Prayer Team and receive ​quarterly updates on current prayer requests, please sign up below.

We deeply appreciate your willingness to set aside time to pray for Crystal Peaks. Thank you, dear ones.​ 

Here are a few ideas to directly support CPYR from your own hometown:

  • Fundraising: bake sales, donations “in honor” of someone in lieu of gifts, tack sales, birthday party giving in lieu of gifts, youth group yard work, chores for hire, church giving drives, yard sales, (some children have even sold fresh eggs—yum!). Nearly any surplus of items can be sold as a fundraiser.
  • Sharing the Message: Share the Ranch’s DVD’s, newsletters, brochures, books, etc. with friends and family. For promotional materials, please contact us at [email protected].
  • Your own Ideas: We’re awed by the creative ways that kids, families and groups support CPYR through from afar. We’re deeply appreciative for each one!

We’re aware that the mission of Crystal Peaks reaches far beyond our small ranch. If you’re interested in supporting the general mission of CPYR in your area, here are some ideas:

  • Mentor the Child: Purposefully reach out to a child in need in your area or through a local organization.
  • Rescue the Equine: Personally rescue a horse or volunteer at an equine rescue.
  • Empower the Ministry: Volunteer at a local similar ministry.
  • Hope for the Family: Provide emotional support to families in crisis through specific programs, financial aid, food or fuel gift cards, friendship and prayer.

It remains our continuing desire to encourage anyone who’s choosing to share the core values and purpose of Crystal Peaks. Please contact us if you need more information about any of the suggestions above or to refine or develop your own ideas. We would be happy to send you promotional supplies like brochures, DVD’s and newsletters if they would be helpful.